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Earnhardt Jr. driving right into NBC broadcast booth (Yahoo Sports)

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will hang up his steering wheel and pick up a microphone....

Predators keep gambling with smart bets (Yahoo Sports)


The way things have gone for the Predators lately, it’s like great things just keep dropping on their laps....

A panic trade isn't in the Dodgers' DNA (Yahoo Sports)

Clayton Kershaw (Getty Images)

Other teams might care about maintaining a winning percentage near .700. The Dodgers care about the future, and the championships they plan on winning....

Shark Weak: Internet irate over Phelps stunt (Yahoo Sports)

Michael Phelps

Fans were not happy with Discovery Channel's bait-and-switch in its much-hyped race between Michael Phelps and a Great White Shark....

Bears' Freeman saves choking man's life (Yahoo Sports)

Bears LB Jerrell Freeman

Saves are more a baseball stat than a football one, but Chicago Bears linebacker Jerrell Freeman got a save at the Austin airport on Sunday....

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